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The experts of elite furniture know that the most of world famous manufacturers of “high fashion” furniture are situated in Italy. Traditions and secrets of a high furniture production are carefully saved by the Italian masters during many centuries. Thus the Italian manufacturers are always on an edge of modern technologies, using the best experience and know-how for production of refined and very functional interior accessories in the same time. Each family of the Italian factories produces furniture with its own "character" and features. 

People, who prefer elite Italian furniture, are usually different not only and not so much social level. They differ, first of all, with refined taste and the relation of life. The exclusive Italian furniture approaches those, who is not content momentary, but looks far into the future. Because each piece of this furniture - is, in fact, a masterpiece of art. It is always unique and hand-made, and it is impossible to copy it in accuracy. Eventually this furniture becomes more and more expensive, getting the antiques status. Therefore people can be assured that these things will serve for many years, without losing the qualities and appearance. 

LENDIS is not limited with only getting the order and informing then about its readiness. At any moment client can be informed, at what stage his order is. Having addressed to us, customers will never waste time on searching of transport and assembling companies. We follow our projects during all way - from the moment of client’s request in our showroom, till the moment when his dream become real!

Our client’s life becomes a piece of art!

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